About Us..

Dennis and Dad Antiques originated in 1966 in Athol, Mass. Over the years, our business has evolved into one specializing in 18th and 19th century English ceramics. Dennis and Dad Antiques is located at our home (built in 1776) in Fitzwilliam, NH where we raised three children, Matthew, Elizabeth, and Daniel. Throughout the years, family vacations became "antique affairs" and vice versa as our family journeyed around visiting interesting places and finding antique treasures.

Today, you can find us at our home in Fitzwilliam or traveling around New England and the United States doing shows. You never know which child (all now adults) might be home to visit or joining us "on the road" to lend a hand.

We welcome inquiries.
2014 Show Schedule:

New Hampshire Antique Show
August 7th-9th
Thurs/Fri: 10AM-7PM
Sat: 10AM-4PM

The Center of New Hampshire Radisson Hotel
700 Elm Street
Manchester, New Hampshire